Zambo Anguissa gives honest reason why his performance at Napoli will always be different from his national team performance.


During the post match press conference for the Libya vs Cameroon match, Zambo Anguissa gave his honest reason why Napoli performance is always different from that of the National team


Cameroonians have been complaining for a long time that each time Zambo Anguissa comes to the National team, they don’t see him playing the way he plays for Napoli.


When asked the question by the journalist, Zambo Anguissa found the question funny, and first chuckled before giving his reply.


You cannot have the same Zambo of Napoli in the national team. It will never be the same Zambo. Tactically and technically it will never be the same Zambo. It’s not the same pitches , it’s not the same conditions…” explained the Napoli midfielder


There are many reasons I can give you to explain why the Zambo Anguissa of the Napoli is different from that in the national team. At the tactical level, we come here, we don’t have a lot of time to prepare…I have teammates that play in a certain way with different tactics at club level. I see them and train with them every day. At the national team, there’s no time and we have to adapt. Today you play with one player, tomorrow with another. Football here isn’t same as in Europe. On these bases, I tell you you can’t have the same Zambo.” he continued

Watch video of his reply below


After winning their first 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers group match against Mauritius, Cameroon will be facing Libya on Tuesday for their second group match.


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