“I was stubborn in love and I don’t think that paid off”– Lojay (Watch Him Speak)

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In an interview, Nigerian singer Lojay said that he was stubborn in love, which didn’t work out, but it did inspire his music.

He said this when he revealed that he was once wounded in his grasp with a fork during a difficult time in a poisonous relationship.

As per the ‘Monalisa’ vocalist, things had spiraled crazy among him and his accomplice who was similarly obstinate, and they were attempting to make the relationship work.

However, a heated argument on a particular day resulted in Lojay being stabbed in the hand with a fork.

He said that he tried to leave the room, but his partner locked the door and threw away the key, so he couldn’t.

In the process of trying to stop her from locking him in, he felt a sharp stab in his chest.

He was still in shock when he felt a second stab, which went right into his hands despite his attempt to block it with his hands.

Lojay advised people to take note of such aggressive behaviour in relationships and to run away when necessary.

“I was hugging her from the back trying to stop her when I felt a stab in my chest.

“First, I was trying to process the whole thing and I felt like this was sharp. It didn’t feel like a punch, it felt sharp.

“The second one came and I tried to block it with my hands but it went right into my skin.

“Ladies and gentlemen, if you ever have anybody in your life that gets a little bit aggressive, take note and run away.

“I was stubborn in love and I don’t think that paid off. Apart from songs.

“That same day, my head got smashed with a kettle. She locked the door and tossed the key.

“I was trapped and there was nothing to do. You can’t fight your way out of that. You just let it pass. You have to let it happen,” he said.

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