“Greatest fight promo video ever” Ngannou vs Fury fight Promo video has been released and it’s a masterpiece


The promo video for the Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury fight was released two days ago, and it has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from fans.

The fight is set to take place on the 28th of this month in Riyahd, Saudi Arabia.

Few days ago it was Ronaldo who appeared in an advert promoting the fight, now the official fight trailer has been released.

The trailer is a masterpiece and looks am actual trailer of a movie.

The video begins with Francis Ngannou taking a nap at 4:17 AM, but the noise from Tyson Fury training with a weighted ball wakes him up.


Ngannou immediately gets up and starts training with battle ropes. The vibrations caused by the ropes cause the table of Tyson Fury, who was trying to eat his breakfast, to vibrate, and also cause the plates and glasses on the table to vibrate and fall.


Later that day, Ngannou tries to take an ice bath while reading a novel, but the power from Fury’s punches while training breaks the tiles around him.


Provoked, Ngannou throws his novel away and immediately returns to training. As Fury slows down, the power from Ngannou’s punches scatters the equipment in Fury’s gym and also destroys a vending machine somewhere on the street, causing all the snacks inside to spill out.


As Francis Ngannou heads to the parking lot to get into his car, Tyson Fury returns the favor by punching a punching bag so hard that it causes the screens of cars in the parking lot where Ngannou is to break.


Francis Ngannou gets annoyed, and while Fury is in a bar singing with fans, Ngannou starts training with a hammer, hitting the ground so hard that it causes the tables in Fury’s bar to somersault and the billiard pool table to vibrate.


The promotional video has been labeled by many as the greatest fight promo video of all time.


Watch video below 👇


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